Walkin’ N Rockin’: Lesson Plan and Classroom Follow-up
(But you creative moms can modify it easily for home use!) 

Besides the joy of being outdoors and picking up rocks (Who doesn’t LOVE this?), these are the outcomes you can expect from this activity:

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  • Develops focus and concentration.  
  • Develops discernment skills using their sense of sight and touch.  
  • Develops critical thinking and decision-making.  
  • Provides opportunities to collaborate and solve a problem. 
  • Provides a path to learning about geology and earth science. 
  • It will make your students happy and calm.  

There you have it. One simple activity that your students will love. You’ll be supporting  classroom culture development, executive function development and getting your students excited to learn about what makes the rocks look so different.  

One last thing: You don’t have to limit this to rocks. You can do this with leaves and needles (only the ones already on the  ground), tree bark, fungi (through photos, please), or even animals or evidence of their presence. After all, kids love Scat! 

www.fossilicious.com has rocks, fossils, curriculum and field test kits for classroom geology, earth science, and  cosmic education studies. Check them out here: http://www.fossilicious.com/educational-materials/ 

Do me a favor, please. When you do this activity, take a moment to let me know how it goes by writing me, Claudia Mann, at  claudia@inspired-learning-Montessori-education.com. Then invite your friends to view this post and join the fun at www.inspired learning-Montessori-education.com