Inspired Learning Courses

Inspiring students requires teachers to be continually re-inspired! Here are courses to help you do just that! 

21 Days to Observation That Rejuvenates

Observation is the foundation of Montessori education, but it is also the foundation of forming positive relationships and understanding the children and adults in our lives. This 21-Day Course will help you make the most of the observations we do 24/7 so that you can feel empowered in your experimentation, successful in your conclusions, and calm and peaceful - rejuvenated- in your daily classroom or homeschool life! Here's what is included in this 21-day mini course:

  1. Daily audio inspiration to help you maintain a daily practice.
  2. Printable resources to create an observation notebook that helps you obtain and assess pertinent data in a timely, organized and meanigful way.
  3. A printable handbook to download that can be inserted into the notebook of your choice. It will guide you in a rejuvenating observation practice that will feel more beneficial in its outcomes for both your students and YOU!
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Writing With Voice and Choice to Impact Relationships & Leadership in the 6-12 Classroom

Kim Anh and I shared a nearly instant connection on our first video chat. We'd been trying to meet for nearly 18 months when the pandemic hit and I guess that was what we needed to help us make a zoom connection. We talked for over two hours! That was the beginning of a partnership that brought our first course, Montessori Education for Parents, to fruition for a group of parents in Vietnam. Now our collaboration is bringing a new course, Montessori Creativity Partnership (MCP): Innovative Writing through the Work of the Hand into its first iteration. We have definitely enjoyed a LOT of creative energy throughout the year that's passed since that first conversation.

Kim Anh brings a beautiful awareness of those activities that create students who truly own their learning, their opinions, and their responsibilities. When she shares a story about something that took place in her class, I never fail to get goosebumps of excitement as I listen to how the students responded, how she inspired enthusiasm and the connections or the thoughtfulness between peers. Kim Anh is a masterful teacher who I can't wait for you to meet!

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Living a Yoga Mindset in the Montessori Classroom

I wasn't surprised when I learned that Kari Schein had incorporated her own yoga practice and yoga mindset into her classroom work. Even from our days teaching at The Montessori School in Albuquerque, I realized that she was a mindful guide who listened deeply to both the outward communications of her students and colleagues as well as those that remained unspoken. Her perspective, as shared in our interview, will have you yearning to incorporate a yoga mindset not only in your classroom, but in other areas of your life as well. Enjoy!

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Keeping Cosmic Education Wonder-filled

What a gift it was to share a few teaching years with Deborah Diesing. Her exuberant "first-year-in-Montessori" inspired this 20-year veteran! She enthusiastically accepted my gift of our first edition of the Paleontology for Kids booklets, and what she did with them left me breathless. Along with the help of an artistic parent, the students in Deborah's class made a 40 or 50 foot mural of the timeline of life...based on the illustrations and the easy language they found in our little booklets. They took those little books and ran with the possibilities all because of Deborah's commitment to creativity in education.

Deborah didn't stop there! She has continued to develop projects that help students express their excitement about a discovery through a host of multi-functional skill-building activities. In her class, you may simultaneously find students sewing, painting, drawing, creating puzzles or giant timelines, cooking, name it, Deborah has found a way to connect these activities to reading, writing, math and ongoing inquiry! She's a powerhouse educator who'll inspire you!

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Multiplication by Osmosis

I'm so happy to be able to introduce you to the work of Mark Powell. What I remember about Mark from our days at CMTE/NY in the early 1990's was his desire to contribute to the development and improvement of anything related to children and education. My first experience was how he worked on the illustrations of our Geometry albums, making them clearer and cleaner than before. As you'll discover in our interview, this desire to find new and improved ways of doing things was actually what led him to Montessori!

Learning multiplication facts are often a cause of concern for parents, and their memorization in 6-9 is a gateway to the higher maths of the 9-12 classroom. In this workshop, participants will receive an overview of how multiplication is taught from the first plane up through adolescence.

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Finding Calm in the Montessori Classroom

Kristen Richter has been involved in Montessori education for more than 20 years! As a classroom teacher, Montessori trainer, Positive Discipline Trainer, and Montessori entrepreneur, you know that Montessori is pretty much everything Kristen does outside of her family life! She was even a Montessori child being brought up by a Montessori mom!

She has a great passion for helping with the deep stresses we educators and our students experience in the modern education world. Her Art Journals for Emotional Literacy course, membership and online group help hundreds of Montessori teachers and parents find the calm they need to be at their best.

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Learning to Observe Your Child

Observation lies at the heart of the Montessori Method. After all, how can we "follow the child" if we aren't paying attention! In this workshop, Claudia Mann, 35-year Montessori guide, trainer, and school founder, discusses not only why observation is important, but also how to fit this critical action into the regular flow of your day. Designed for both teachers and home-schooling parents, this course and accompanying workbook, will provide tips and tools for successfully incorporating observation into your daily activities with your children.

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Keys to Cosmic Education: How You Can Stay True to Montessori’s Big Elementary Vision in the Data-Driven World of High-Stakes Testing

I created this course to help you make Cosmic Education the heart of your classroom curriculum and to make it easier, faster, and with less overwhelm.

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7 Steps to a Joy-filled Cosmic Classroom

Do you feel confused, uncertain where to start, and stressed about how you’ll accomplish everything?

Do you want to live a joyful teacher’s life with more time to pursue your passions, less worry, and greater confidence?

I can help!

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Tough to Treasured: How to Forge Positive Relationships Throughout Your Programs (And Your Life)

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