Montessori Musings

Thoughts on Montessori teaching, Cosmic Education, and navigating the world of Inspired Learning

A Teachers' Moment of Inspiration

Who can say where and when inspiration may strike? More significantly, why does it matter? I believe, as a teacher and guide for children, it may be all that matters.

Student Engagement

Inspiring student engagement is easier than you think!

How to link "Appropriate Work Choices" to "Inspired Learning"

“To stimulate life, leaving it free, however, to unfold itself, that is the first duty of the educator.“

Cosmic Education: What the World Needs Now

Cosmic Education is a vision intended to serve humanity in harmony. In Cosmic Education, Montessori saw the possibility of creating not only a new human being, but also a new world. We need that vision reborn in our lives, and we need it now.

Cheating or Short-cut: Why Teacher-Perspective Matters

I received a question from a teacher who had removed the math cards containing answers on the back from her shelves. Why? She said the students were “cheating” and she couldn’t get the students to change their behavior. They had talked about honesty, etc. but the cheating continued. The following is my response to her…which is followed by a brief reflection…