Guidance for Teachers

I've never met a teacher who didn't seek support at one time or another, year after year, in an effort:

  • To solve a problem 
  • Get better in their work
  • Find a way to spend less personal time and money to serve the students

I know your pain. I needed balance. I had to find another way.

It was right there all the time: the MONTESSORI way! 

I let go of trying to do it all and learned the true meaning of Cosmic Education. I discovered ways to link the lessons that also addressed the skills that my students were required to learn. I created a different style of follow-up that recognized who the children were and capitalized on their social natures. I designed a system of planning and record keeping that was easier, faster, and less time consuming…all while responding to the individual needs of my students, inspiring deeper engagement and FUN!

And now I want to help YOU!  

In Demystifying Cosmic Education MASTERMIND group, I'll coach you in YOUR SPECIFIC CHALLENGES so you can enjoy:

  • Less overwhelm and stress because prep and follow-up are more efficient and effective
  • Increased engagement, better learning outcomes, and confident students
  • FASTER PROGRESS in your own classroom mastery and balanced life creation! Just look at all the help available in the DCE MASTERMIND group: 

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