It’s Montessori Education Week!

It’s Montessori Education Week!

How gratifying to see the spread of Montessori love from around the world. There are photos of classrooms, quotes, and simple expressions of how Montessori continues to change the world, one child at a time.  Here’s what one friend shared to Facebook…offering it as a gift that we could use to share the love.

Another friend uses “I believe in Montessori” as her email address! Fabulous! Every time I receive an email from her, I smile. I believe in Montessori, too, and I appreciate the reminder when her email pops into my inbox.

There are so many of Dr. Montessori’s quotes to inspire us; so many unique ideas to remind us that the work we’ve chosen is noble, valorizing work. When I finally chose to step onto a different life path, the Montessori-life path, I had no idea what was calling to me.  Tentative at first, the Montessori-life demanded heroic effort, and so, fearful of losing the musical-life I’d led, I took slow baby-steps into the Montessori Universe.

Little did I know that Montessori would deliver me; would rebirth me into a world of wonder and curiosity and inspiration to last a lifetime.

Along with the children, adult lives are transformed through this work. It heightens awareness, encourages healing, bringing inner and outer peace to our lives.

So, when I found the quote above, I knew these were the words that best summarized the gift that Montessori had been, and continues to be, in my life. Like a child, Montessori taught me about the world: how it came to be, how it develops, the relationships among animals, plants, the sun, and humans; the brilliant and the painful results of elements interdependently acting upon one another, with or without awareness of it. Montessori awakened an energy for “experiencing” that quieted my fears and grew my bravery. Montessori deepened an inner connection to myself and an outer connection to the world around me.

In short, Montessori took me on the journey as I pursued my cosmic task, walking beside children, teens, parents, and colleagues.

In this Montessori Education Week, I am reminded of all the synchronous moments that brought me to this work and to this worldwide community…and I offer my thanks and gratitude for finding the path and sharing it with YOU!